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Wow - another crazy weekend.

So the last update I posted was from tuesday. Here's what's happened since:


- work on the 8Legs cars. Things are going slower than expected but almost everything gets gone. Head home at 2am, the guys are going back to finish up Thursday.


-Head to my place to finish up my car. Jeff comes and gives me a hand, and I wouldn't have been able to do it all without him. Kudos man.
-Finish up some wiring, Dash works. AWESOME
-Install painted rear bumper
-Install painted front clip & new front bumper
-Trace, cut, paint lexan windows. Oh and build/weld/paint supports (damn me for having cut away too much)
-Head home at 2am


Supposed to meet Arek at 4:30am at his place. Accidentally shut off my alarm, he texts me at 4:35. FACK. Pack in 5min and run out the door.

8Legs Weekend

Friday test day: rented 10 car spins a bearing in the first session . Arek & Eric decide to put Dave (driver of the rental) in the 11 car for the rest of the weekend. Turns out great cuz now they can work on dialing in the setup of that car.

Saturday quali: come in 4th. super excited
Saturday race: finish 3rd. even MORE excited! Car is pushing a bit of water - could be one of the head bolts. Nothing we can do now, just hope it lasts.

Sunday practice: car not pushing water anymore. Maybe we overfilled?
Sunday race: car behind Dave jumps the start and we end up going 3 wide into turn 1 with Dave in the middle. Contact happens, messes up the alignment, but we keep going. 2 laps later, car overheats. Head gasket is gone. Great weekend though - we had a blast.

Monday ASE Time Attack

Get home at 12pm Sunday night. Wake up at 3:45 to head to carp to pack the tools and load up the trailer. Leave at 5:30. Pick up Jamie on the way and head out to St-Eustache.

I decided to run R888 scrubs for practice while I got used to the track, planning on switching to my V710s for the 10 min Time Attack sessions in the afternoon. I tried disconnecting my swaybar, and what a difference it made. The car felt SO planted - it was awesome. Really easy to drive. Still a bit too still on corner exit, so I softened the rear rebound (as per Jamie's advice), and it worked even better during the second practice.

My best on the R888s was a 60.1.

For the TA portion, the V710s were insane. I've never had that much grip around a track. SO awesome. Ran a 57.9 in the first session, couldn't beat it in the second. Finished 3rd in class (RWD Race), with Dad beating me in his Z06 with a 57.1. He came 4th overall, I came 5th, which meant we were in the top 5 shootout.

They line me up first and things are going awesome. I'm killing it on the track, dad is sllllooowwwwlllly catching up to me but not fast enough for the 10min we're doing. Then, I mess up a braking zone and put two wheels off in the chicane on the back straight. Coming up to the carousel, on my shift I accidentally turn off my fuel pumps and the car dies.... WTF!!! By the time I figure it out, this crazy Lachute performance subaru was on my ass (he set the NEW track record earlier that day). He got by me but then I wasn't going to let him get away. He would pull like crazy but I'd catch up to him in the straights. Never had so much fun chasing someone. It was awesome! Couldn't pass him, but he never got away.

Anyways I got DQed because of my off, but it was still fun. Oh, and my fastest lap in the shootout was a 57.1. That's right Dad, I'm coming for you!

I've got a video of my first race session on the V710s - I'll post as soon as it's done uploading!
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