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Great event, as expected! I'm posting my 5th run, which was a 94.134 second run. Listen carefully when I hit the brakes in the stop box. That little whistle noise is my brake fluid evacuating through a brand new pin hole in my hardline. Trailer ride time


1986 E30 325e (killed)
1986 E30 325es (died)
1988 E30 325i (rotted)
1992 E34 525i (sold)
1992 E30 318i (cabrio, Dad's)
1989 E30 325i (Mom's)
1991 E30 318i (cabrio, summer car)
1991 E30 318is (Winter car)
1992 Euro M5 (driveway decoration)
1994 E36 325is (driveway junk)

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