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Time to update and throw up more pics!

Front end is completely new minus Shocks now.
-New Tierods ( Inner and outer)
-New control arms
-Offset Lcabs
-New sway bar links
-New Sway bar bushings
-New ball joints.


New rotors on the front,new pads and new M3 calipers added.

-M3 mouldings! ( Finally)

Power steering leak delete and clean up ( washed the reservoir, hoses and eliminated those nasty leaks from the reservoir!)
To those that don't know, in 80% of e36s it is just a case of failing hose clamps on the reservoir side)

.99 cents for new ones out of stainless steel

I flushed the system as well, new fluid and everything is nice and dry!

Valve cover gasket is next and I can FINALLY detail the poor m42 to how it is suppose to look, not to mention my super filthy engine bay.

I am picking up a exhaust from Tomek to fill the diffuser gap and to get rid of my fartcan due to a huge hole from rot.

Rear suspension part collecting is almost done and I can do the rear M sway arm swap along with brakes.

I think the hardest part will be swapping out the master cylinder! gulp

Red gauge needle mod is complete! If anyone wants red needles, I can do a conversion for $30 ( no , not paint, yes, 100% like oem)

I have also started to insulate the interior, starting with door panel moisture barriers. I ripped the crappy ones out, cleaned all the glue, got NEW glue and used a two sheets of heavy gage vinyl stuck to 5 mil thick waterproof foam. Vinyl faces outwards towards water, foam towards door panel. The difference is MASSIVE. The interior now have numb areas where there is zero noise present from outside.

Pics to come tomorrow

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