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Is this a good price?

I've been to many body shops trying to get a estimates of how much it costs to do body work on my 2002 E39. Some shops quoted me around $950 for both bumpers. But I finally got a shop that I kind of like their prices and a that is: $3,700 for a complete repair and paint bumper to bumper except the roof, because my car's roof is in a pretty good shape.

This restoration includes a rusty door, many scratches and dents all over the car, broken bumper mold, loose bumper that needs a new bracket, new front bumper grill that is in a bad shape, loose fog lights, repairs of my side mirrors bases which is a white metal that's in a very bad shape, even repairing and repainting the side mirrors!

The idea is to leave the car with them for 2 weeks and they will make it look like it is new bumper to bumper except the roof which they will buff. The reason I like this shop (which is located in Toronto where I live) is that the master painter there is a perfectionist and he wouldn't do only two bumpers and the rusty door. He says if he is going to do it then he will do it right or not do it, because he says if he fixes the door it will look so much better than the rest of the car and the whole car won't look right or nice.

So my question is this: is $3,700 for a complete body work+paint (except the roof) is a good deal or not?

Thanks and I am waiting for your replies
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