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Originally Posted by Dinanstu View Post
Don at Auto Trend knows these cars inside and out. He's a no bullshit guy who will do what is required. I've taken my car there for maintenance and an hour later get a call listing whats up. By the end of the day the car is perfect - no scam. He was even nice enough to use BMW parts I had brought. He has a strong return customer base which should tell you something. I am very particular who works on my car...I have no issue with leaving my car with auto trend.
I get a feeling you want a $40 (1/2 hour) assessment and then complain that something was missed or what they found doesn't sound "right".
However, there is Bimmersport and others listed here that are excellent...but seriously give Don a break - he's one of the honest ones, and his techs are good....
I've never dealt with Autotrend after that phone call. Don wasn't at the shop that day so I talked to someone else. Whoever I talked with was more of a scammer than a mechanic. First he asked what car I was bringing in, and when I told him an E39, he said, "It will cost you $900-$1000. And I will change everything." So unprofessional. What kind of a mechanic changes everything before even seeing the car? Oh, I own a BMW so I must have money left at my doorsteps every morning and I just want to give it away! And no, I am not looking for a $40 (1/2 hour) assessment, but I am also not looking to throw my money away by "changing everything".

I even called the highest recommended BMW mechanic in this site for my car shake problem and I was told they will charge $90 for the inspection, and an extra $45 for identifying the problem! What kind of a mechanic charges extra for telling you what's wrong with the car?! If he won't tell me what's wrong with the car then what's the point of the inspection?! Imagine how ridiculous it would sound if you went to the doctor for check up and he says, "Ok, so I know what's wrong with you, and you paid for my time. But if you want to know what's wrong with you then you will have to pay more!" And they won't take it on a test drive, so they will only inspect it in the shop and try to figure out what was causing the vibration.

While Darren at Alphawerx charged me nothing for test driving the car, hoisting it up, inspecting it, his time, and trying to identify the problem. Sorry, but I only take my car to Darren from now on. +10 for Alphawerx.

371 John Street, Unit 4
Markham, Ontario L3T 5W5

Just tell Darren that Fadi recommended Alphawerx to you and he will take even better care of you.
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