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Problem with Kia Dealership

Last week (may 11th) me and a buddy went to test drive a Kia Optima at the Woodchester location and everything went fine. The dealer sat in the back seat and while i went for a spin. I rear parked the car to see how the rear camera worked. After that, we went back inside the dealer, talked abit, and walked away.

On May 16th ( 5 days after ) I got a voice mail from the dealer saying that they want to talk to me. I ignored the message thinking it was probably an offer to get me back in the dealership. Today ( May 18th ) he called my house and I spoke with him. He is basically telling me that the rear bumper is scratched from my test drive. He said he wants me to come in and speak the the store manager and see what we can do and how it is better to resolve it this way than having to involve the police. He also said that when he checked my previous visits to the dealer, he saw that a day before i test drove the Optima, i was there with my dad and test drove the Sportage "and left the dealer with no outcome".

Now, I am 100% sure that i did not hit anything because first of all, there was a good foot and a half space in the camera with the curb. Second of all, when we got out, we checked the car one last time (to admire the looks of it). Thirdly, howcome nobody felt the bump?? the curb that was behind the car, was just a regular 6inch curb. how the hell does it scratch the rear bumper??

any ways, I told him that I am not coming in the dealer, because I did not do this. What do you guys think??? can he use my drivers license to file a claim?? can he actually call me after all these days and tell me that I caused the accident? what the hell is the point of the dealer sitting in the car then???

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