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Originally Posted by Denny View Post
I would not mind using that manifold and turbo to start building the turbo side on my twincharge system. Forget the centrifugal.. I was dissapointed when I installed a 4000$ Active Rotrex on my E46 rotrex what you want is a Roots type I just so happen to have a M90 from a 3.8L thunderbird.. up for the challenge? It wont be easy..but I know your capable of doing it. I'm having some serious fun with my Supercharged M20 right now!! even at low boost its quite impressive and I still got some tuning to do on it.
I agree that positive displacement is the way to go. I like centrifugal because in my mind I feel like it will be easier to package lol, but if I were to go with a positive displacement style unit I'd probably go for a twin screw over a roots type.
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