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Yea no prob, sorry I don't have much suggestions, seems like a weird issue.

I had an issue in the winter with the car bogging down and wouldn't rev when it got hot. During this time the car would idle but rev very slowly. Finally one day when it happened I got a CEL, I had a code scanner and scanned it right when I got home. It had done it multiple times before with no CEL. It had a code for the Crank Sensor, which I thought was odd given the symptoms, but changed it and the problem went away.

Not saying that's your issue, because you also have clutch problems, but mine sounded almost exactly like your video when it did it.

It's hard to tell obviously without seeing it happen in person, but my feeling is if it went into gear then started bogging, it shouldn't be clutch related, it might be two separate problems.
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