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It bogged as soon as I released the clutch to engage 3rd. It is almost like I went into 5th but that was definitely not the case since I checked when I got back to the pits. The first run when it happened didn't bog, it just refused to go into any gear and the clutch was smoking quite heavily. All the runs after(all 4) it did exactly what the videos shows. Then on the way home, if I would accelerate in say 4th from 30 km/h roll, it felt as if the clutch slipped for a fraction of a second then would hook up again -it did that 3 times over 2 seconds and never again for the drive home(most likely because I then strictly used lower gears from that point just to ensure I got home).

Car is having a 4 point cage put in atm and I will be out of the country for the week so I will start looking into once I get back. Problems is, it will be hard to replicate these conditions on the street(lawfully of course). I also plan on doing the CSCS event June 3rd so I won't have much time to figure it out..

Thanks for your help so far.

Forgot to answer your question about the CEL; it is on but before the event it was for a O2 sensor which I plan on replacing all 4 when I get back. I wonder if a new code or two will show up now. hmm..

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