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Originally Posted by tig View Post
I called the city apprently as long as the tree is not completely cut from the stump it's considered pruning or trimming. So I'm probably just going to do that. Will still be able to pretty much cut all the small branches and leaves off. And you don't need a permit for that. had an arb guy quote me $650 today to do that. Seems like a lot. Ivan I actually have a tent on my driveway. The problem is that this is at my parents house where I spend a few nights a week. And between my 645, my 740, my brothers m3 his winter beater, my dads 7 and my moms suv there is a lot of cars that park on the driveway lol. My 7 not currently drive able and it's parked in the only spot on the driveway where I have the tent and it's not affected by the tree. I can park my car under the tent it's just a pain in the ass to move the cars around. And it's not just my car that's getting ruined its all of them. As for the pic I will take one as soon as I'm back at the parents house. Currently at my other house in Richmond hill waiting for the tree to get cut down before I can go back there lol. I stay at my parents place during the week because it's closer to work and mommy still cooks for me lol.
Sweet. So dude are you still at the same place where I saw your old E36 at that car wash? (VP/ELL) I can just imagine how that driveway looks.
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