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Advanced Solo Lapping - Mosport GP

About Advanced Solo Lapping

If you are an advanced driver, previously signed off by our Chief Instructor to drive “solo”, Advanced Solo Lapping events, held at the same location and time as our Advanced Driving Schools, provide a superb opportunity to maximize your seat-time. These events are for seasoned drivers only, who will attend an educational drivers meeting each morning and then practice advanced techniques on track, driving solo. However, expert instructors will be available for in car coaching, upon request.

A typical schedule affords you plenty of track time each day

Fridays: 45min track sessions alternating between 2 run groups: race and street cars
Weekends: 7 track sessions per day (you get to drive during 3 Instructor sessions and 4 Advanced Student sessions)

2012 Dates:
April 27, 28, 29
June 1, 2, 3
September 7, 8, 9

How Do I Qualify for Advanced Solo Lapping?

Determination of who can qualify for Advanced Solo Lapping is made by submitting your track experience resume to our Registrar: for assessment by our Chief instructor. If you have been signed off solo and have maintained at least a once per year track event attendance you do not need to be signed off again. If you have never been signed off or have not been to a track event in more than 3 years please contact our registrar.

Note: Submission of track experience resume does not qualify you to attend this event. Acknowledgement by the Chief Instructor that you are signed off to drive solo qualifies you for this event. Solo signoff is a privilege. The BMW Club of Canada, Trillium Chapter may rescind this privilege at any time without prior notice. Our desire is that we never have to rescind a driving privilege but safety is the primary concern of all. BMW Clubs Canada,Trillium Chapter greatly appreciates the efforts of all drivers to adhere to track and club rules to make the weekend a fun, exciting, and safe event.

Requirements of Advanced Solo Lapping

-Proper solo sign off (contact registrar if not obtained)
-Current membership in the BMW Club of Canada or BMW Club of America
-A tech form

How Do I Register?

Advanced Solo Lapping happens in conjunction with the Advanced Driving Schools. Please visit our homepage and look for the list of active events on the right side of the page. Click on either Friday Advanced Solo Lapping or Sat-Sun Advanced Solo Lapping. You must register for both events if you intend to attend both events. Please login first before registering for an event.
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