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This is going to be a busy weekend!

Friday-Sunday going to be at Mosport with 8Legs. Monday, I'm driving to St.-Eustache for my first Time Attack ever with ASE.

As proven 2 weeks ago, the car runs, but needs a lot of attention.

Here's what's on the list:

-build lexan windows
-fix dash cluster electrical issue (getting no tach, speedo, or fuel gauge)
-paint rear bumper
-paint front clip
-install M3 bumper and lip
-re-paint doors (bad coverage - body will get repainted next year, doors are easy to do for now)
-properly mount gauge/switch panel
-sort out rear-end issues (swaybar/shocks/lower & realign)
-lower passenger seat
-plumb dummy lights

I don't expect all this to get done for Monday. Last night I got all the painting done, and the M3 bumper is ready to be installed. Tonight I'm working with 8Legs, and hoping that tomorrow night I'll be able to tackle the lexan. & electrical stuff.
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