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CASC guys are raring to go for the Sunday event at the DDT. You should see that chatter on their forums about the up coming autoslalom. Great to hear, great to see. This is going to be HUGE, expecting something along the lines of 80 participants or so. If anyone is available to volunteer, we really need your help as this event got HUGE fast, so we're going to need many extra hands. We can't offer much other than a huge warm thank-you, lunch, some small swag, and Trillium Volunteer Rewards Points. If you can volunteer please contact Dan Janssen. If you're participating and a member of Trillium please pre-register on our website.

Given the size of the event we may or may not have open lapping afterwards. We have the track until 5. Expecting the event to finish around 3 so that would give about 2 hours of lapping broken into 2 groups thats approx 2 x half hour sessions each. Pricing will be determined at the event depending on the amount of lapping time available. If you have any other questions please contact me.

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