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Common fault with the injection pump on these is the position sensor. The used pump I purchased actually has a good one! This pump was tested good at some point, but sat on the shelf too long with test fluid in it. The test fluid turned to wax and gummed everything up. I swapped the position sensor into the original pump and re-installed. The car runs now, but the pump is out of calibration. The original pump ran, but would stall at idle due to the worn position sensor. It should be able to be fixed by any decent injection shop that is willing to work on it. VW pumps are usually around $1000 to rebuild.

If the car does not sell, I will take the pump to Germany with me for repair at some point. I have over $6k into it already. The car can likely be driven home - it was driven from Oshawa to home in its current state.

edit: I have the tool to hold the pump sprocket in place when changing the pump. I machined it by hand since it was not available here.
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