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Thank you for your response! I might be new to big track stuff but I do know about brake fluid and how it is shared with the hydraulic clutch. Having said that, I am not sure what fluid is in there atm because while my car was in the shop(can-alignment) prior to this event, I had him change the brake fluid since the CDV was being removed and I was in the midst of getting the car ready for the track - basically attempting to kill two birds with one rock. We discussed the different options, but I left it up to him to decide since he has ALLOT more experience than I on big tracks and I wasn't sure which was the best starting point. I was suppose to report back with how the car felt so we could then decide if another fluid with a higher boiling point was needed but as you know, I never really got the chance

Despite all that, both pedals(brake/clutch) were completely normal and lost zero pressure even during the "problems"- and that means all 4 times it happened. Like I said in the OP, I found that to be extremely odd!
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