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Originally Posted by Woofer View Post
Thanks man.

Tomek, I should have listened to you before lol with my old e30s. Suspension upgrades are by the far the best mods to do first. I went with 8K front 12K rear (448lb/in and 672lb/in). They are set to completely soft for now; however, I now realize how shit the roads in Toronto actually are. It's not a harsh ride whatsoever but I do feel bumps on the road now that I didn't feel before. I also went with a skid plate this time. Too many broken pans in my history lol.
Haha, yeah, I still preach good suspension > everything. And yes, the roads are horrible, and you can feel everything with stiff linear rates. Solid camber plates add a lot of NVH too, but the added static camber is amazing.

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