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My spring project, all 'wrapped' up.

Those of you who were able to make it to the AMC meet or cruise afterwords, probably saw my vinyl wrapped e36 from silver to red.

This is a picture of how I drove it to work for a week. No side skirts, Silver mirrors and silver rear bumper. (iPhone pic)

Finished results, photos taken and edited by Derek B.

It isn't perfect, those of you who saw it in person probably found a few spots, but overall I'm happy with the results, considering it cost me <$400 and not the $3000-4000 some places around here charge. There are a few areas I wish turned out better, mainly two bubbles on the rear quarters that won't stay down even after poking a hole with a pin, it just raises up. Probably need some kind of application fluid for those areas, but i couldn't find anything locally so I applied it dry. I have alot of material left back and I can probably redo a few panels if I wanted, but I was starting to loose my patience and just wanted it done. My plans are to keep it on at least until the fall, after the fall i'll decide if i'll remove it or keep it for the winter. Supplier said it can last upto 3-4 years depending on how much UV it is exposed to, but the most I would leave it on is until next summer.

I do have some new wheels that are coming, they were suppose to be here already, but got delayed, big lip and more lows coming soon....

For more details on it, check out my blog.
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