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Hey voluted, good to see you made it home man!! I could tell your girlfriend was really worried about the trip back Thanks for stopping by when you saw my car on the side of the road.

End result:

I'm lucky, I called my shop that takes care of me 24/7, and they called in a flatbed truck to save me. I finally got back to the shop at 12:30 at night to look over the car. Clutch was blown - I knew it was going to blow soon, I just hoped it was not going to happen 3 hours away from Toronto lol!!

Anyhow, super long cruise for me. Special thanks to all my friends that either stayed with me, or once they noticed I was not at the end point, they kept calling/texting to see if I was ok....all the way until I got back home, they were checking up on me. Even a few guys that didnt take part in the cruise found out, and started to check up on me every hour to make sure I got home safe. I must say, there are some great people that are part of this club.

As for the actual cruise, I stayed at the back for the first half with my other E92 friends. We all had radios, and had a blast talking to each other, and the fact that we were at the back allowed us to slow down, and then gun it whenever it was fun to do so...and catch up to everyone. You guys don't all need to be at the front to push your cars. We were at the back pushing speeds and having an amazing time.

For the second half, my other buddy with the black M3 vert wanted me to join him at the front, so I did. Also lots of fun...other than one E46 that for some reason kept driving into the dirt lane,and as a result kicking up massive dust/stones. Not sure if he could not handle his car at such high speeds or what, but it got a little annoying. I noticed my friend who was in front of me, and getting most of the dirt/stones on his car, flipped him the bird, and then blasted by him. I did not pass the E46, but I did keep my distance. Other than that, the second part was lots of fun!!! Shitty that it ended short due to my clutch giving way.

I thought the cruise route this year was stellar. The first half you take it more easy, and enjoy the scenery...I loved driving next to the water. The second part, you could kick it up a notch and really let lose. Perfect balance of both scenarios, and no boring highway routes. Loved it.

Looking forward to it next year. Hopefully people will behave a little more, and the good guys won't get discouraged from coming again.

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