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Yep. I want to have the flexibility to go back to nearly stock ride height. The HD is the same valving but with a longer shaft and larger internal bump stops (which I removed 2/3 of).

Really with 475lb/inch springs the travel I'm going to see isn't going to be very much. Right now I estimate that I have at least 1.3" of travel before I hit the internal bump. That's 1.3" x 475lb = an extra 617lb of force needed to hit the stops given the springs I'm using. On 300lb springs this wouldn't be a good setup, unless the springs themselves were 8" long.

If I ever manage to bottom out (spring coil or any other part of the setup) I'll post it here.

After my first drive....

Way more nimble steering! Some slow speed road imperfections are more jolting, but it keeps it's composure. On the highway it's really nice.

It's sitting a bit on the high side, maybe .5" higher than what I want, all I need to do now is jack up the car, and loosen the collar, and dial in/out the adjuster... awesome, don't even have to remove the wheel. I figure I can get about another 3/4" lower the way it is.... If I need more than that I'll have to pull the assemblies apart again and remove the 1/2" steel spacer I put below the coil adjuster. I could get even more drop by later switching to camber plates.

Performance one step at a time.

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