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Originally Posted by Dr. Flyview View Post
Lots of drama as expected.

I want to apologize for my retarded downhill+uphill pass. Right before that, I got passed by Terry and a couple more E36s that pulled in right in front of me and pelted me with rocks. I didn't feel like hanging behind them, they were tailgating each other for no reason.

If you're going to pass, please be considerate of who is ahead of you AND behind you.

Please leave room. I was probably passed because I was leaving enough room to not get showered with rocks, and others felt I was holding them up because of this.
That uphill blind pass was something else.

I wasn't going to say anything but since you called me out, Please, be considerate of people with faster cars, YOU ARE holding us up. Try and stick around with cars which are similar in power to yours. Its more fun for everyone that way the few times we get to "open them up"...

Last year at the fall cruise I was in front of the supercharged M3 clone for a bit, I could see I was holding him up in the straight ways, I signalled him to pass and then spent the afternoon playing catch up to him. He had fun, I had fun. it is common sense.

Also, EVERYONE was getting stones kicked up, its a fact of the roads. There was more gravel/road dirt then usual this time around.

Anyways, lets focus on the positive, not the negative aspects...
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