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Here are a few questions that I've been asked lately via email, so I thought I'd post up some of the answers here just in case you had the same questions or was curious.

Yes we allow convertibles which offer factory rollover protection. So no e30's for example, but z3's with roll hoops and so on yes.

Yes our school is tax deductible. We are an accredited performance driving school, and as such, your fees are considered tuition.

No I do not own Trillium! (This one made me laugh actually) I am a volunteer, thats it. BMW Clubs Canada is a chapter of BMW Clubs International, Trillium is a chapter of Canada. As such, we have a voice at BMW AG. We are a group of BMW enthusiasts who enjoy getting together at many levels, from performance driving, to socials, to meets to cruises, car shows and the like.

Yes you have to be a member of the club to participate in our ADS (Advanced Driving Schools) The membership fees go towards insurance costs, administrative costs, Socials, and so on. Also, our group insurance for liability will only cover members as such all participants must be members.

No you DO NOT need to modify anything on your car to bring it to the race track. In actual fact, for beginners and novices stock is better as the limits of the car are far more predictable stock than if you have modified it. If it is modified that is okay too, but you don't NEED to modify your car to have fun.

As I get more or think of more I will post them for you all to know, Thanks!

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