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Originally Posted by JINT View Post
I got bored of driving for 200km in the heat without action. Some people come to the cruise for action not good behaviour.

You going HEAD ON INTO INNOCENT TRAFFIC IS WHAT YOU CONSIDER ACTION? Zero common sense. Not only did you endanger a innocent bystander, you then endangered 10 CARS ON THE CRUISE. Its a good thing I have some DRIVER TRAINING and reacted super early before most even realized what was about to happen. If I hadn't swerved off on the shoulder, trying not to wipe out on gravel, there is a good chance there would of been a massive collision. The other guys who were right there told me the same thing once we got to Timmies. You are IMMATURE and should be banned from cruises.

So lets recap:

You almost take out bystanders-who then called the cops
You can't judge speed or distance AT ALL-proven by your passing and the constant tailing and brake slamming not to hit the car infront
You can't pass-I am afraid for any who run into you
You caused me to crop dust EVERYONE- I am sure people were ECSTATIC about that!
You've been told by countless others about this- And you STILL don't get it

As soon as this happened, I did everything possible to GET THE **** AWAY FROM YOU, and what did you do? Continued to pass to end up right up against me AGAIN!

This is why I am not going to any more cruises. YOU CLEARLY DON'T GET IT!

Oh yeah, PS, your car is SLOW. My bone stock SHITTY 4 cylinder HAD ZERO ISSUES KEEPING UP WITH YOU. Oh, and you WERE flooring it.


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