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Originally Posted by marek View Post
That's the key issue. I'm not against unions, as they helped to bring every ones wages and working standards up, but how much they get away with here. In the end it is managements fault for allowing it to get to this point.

A lot of these guys make 6 figures (sure they have to work overtime to make that but not as much OT as you think) with excellent pensions and other perks, yet they still complain and take advantage of the system. You are going to add to my work, then I will go on restriction or comp for getting "injured" and many other examples.

The union leaders just perpetuate this by trying to defend them even with clear evidence against them such as video of their wrong doings.

We need a more balanced management union work environment in most cases. When things become one sides it's not good for either side.
Totally Agree with you.

When GM couldn't build enough trucks for the demand (Margins are very high on these), and the Unions used to strike, they would simply give in.
- Lifetime Medical
- Tuition for their kids
- Guaranteed Work

Whatever the Unions asked, they got....... I'd like to be part of a Union as well...
Everyone should have known the gravy train would soon end… .

Remember Budd Automotive out in Kitchener.
They made Truck Frames. Employed 3000 employee's.

- You'd see those workers strike year after year.

I know a few that were making $100K+ with overtime back in 2005ish.
They bought $500K homes, with variable interest rates, at their max budget.
(Knew a few cases).

I wonder where they are now??? Things like this lead to the housing boom.
(The plant closed in 2009. I laughed my head off).

I don’t know what immigrants that are coming from the tent villages in India/China, and getting $100K jobs here.

The ones that do get those jobs, are highly educated, very skilled, and bring a lot of assets to Canada (Cash). I know tons that have brought $200-400K into Canada and bought homes, cars, furniture here. That's what our economy needs. Not 5% down.. but 20-50% down on homes.

It’s our local white folks that live on extreme credit, and think owning a 4 Bedroom, 2 Car Garage, Single Detached house in Toronto is a right.

If you did a poll on the rental squatters, late rent payers, frequent visitors to tenant tribunal, it’s going to be our good old white folks. …. “Canadians”…..

Also, most Asian/Indian parents will leave a good size inheritance for their kids. White folks will make their last cheque bounce.
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