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Originally Posted by MrRWD View Post

But here, because of the unions, you have bus drivers and auto workers making $60-$80K/year and most likely more than a new engineering graduate.

I know tons of these TTC/Union works…. No education at all… making very good money, waiting to retire with big pensions. Thanks Unions!!!!
That's the key issue. I'm not against unions, as they helped to bring every ones wages and working standards up, but how much they get away with here. In the end it is managements fault for allowing it to get to this point.

A lot of these guys make 6 figures (sure they have to work overtime to make that but not as much OT as you think) with excellent pensions and other perks, yet they still complain and take advantage of the system. You are going to add to my work, then I will go on restriction or comp for getting "injured" and many other examples.

The union leaders just perpetuate this by trying to defend them even with clear evidence against them such as video of their wrong doings.

We need a more balanced management union work environment in most cases. When things become one sides it's not good for either side.
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