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Mid town is my frame of reference for insanity. houses there for run down semis are well into 700k. for a detached getting into 1mill+ and you see young families there with nannies. to carry and afford the place along with the trips etc...they gotta be making good coin or big time debt. that many professional couples?

i think part of the housing issue right now is we have a cheap credit housing bubble. yes foreign investors don't help either in pushing up house prices. and partly emotion too where people feel the need to own a home at all costs.

i can't speak for either country about sharing...but why should they? but not sure what you mean by sharing either. not like we have been sharing the excesses of NA with the rest of the world either.

i'm hoping for the bubble to burst and just call me the modern day Tom Vu. For the young'uns on here google Tom Vu for his fantastic videos!
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