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Polls are not fact...and they didn't give a CI of the poll either.

I don't buy it. but if it's true...just shocking given the kind of bling out there. are people really using their CC/HELOC like printing presses? clearly I'm naive.

you would expect people to be doing quite well given the kind of clothing people wear and the cars they drive. and i'm not talking about foreigners either. i see the locals dressing to the nines and people spending money at bars/clubs like it's going out of style. restaurants are always packed too. just look at the kind of electronic gadgets people buy and the monthly fees to keep the phones going. costs more than water/electricity in some cases.

only real stats i'd believe would be from revenue canada. of course assuming people are reporting their full income. but it's the closest thing to reality aside from opening up ones bank account for an inspection.

just look at the BMW/audi/MB dealerships in GTA alone. they wouldn't all be expanding if people were not buying from them. all foreigners? perhaps?

maybe i need to spend time in the 'shawa.

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HST - anyone anyone?

now they have assholes on CTV saying:
Food tax: Adding GST to food will benefit the poor, economists say
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