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that is so true about the Chinese and Indians working their butts off compared to us lazy butts in 1st world nations. I work/interact with people in these other countries and it's unreal their work ethics. We have TZ differences and guess what they will work to accomodate us! They've seen how the other half us in 1st world and they figure if they work hard they will be able to reach the same level and enjoy our excesses. many have left their home country as others have stated to work for far less pay and produce far more.

this is capitalism at it's best. competition weeds out the weak. and unfortunately we have become weak with all our excesses in NA.

And now that they are impacting our 'standard' of living we are bulking at them. well it's the reality of globalization.

as for the comments about not needing so many degree carrying people to do the work in Canada. I completely disagree. It goes back to pure lack of innovation. Why do these highly educated people need to work for a company? Again we have opportunity to create something from nothing. You lack startup problem thanks to Harper they have for years been throwing money around to startups to jump start any innovative business. Several of my friends have taken advantage of it and created a real business that now employs people.

those that earn degrees and do nothing with it or expect a 6 figure salary because they have student debt and DESERVE a job. Well I say watch out for the Chinese and Indian up and comers.

Like i tell my kids..finish your food or someone in China/India will eat it and also finish your homework cause they'll take your job too.

Asking the gov't to put up barriers to prevent this is globalization is no different than QC gov't imposing crazy language laws when the rest of the world operates primarily in English.

Those of are expecting the gov't to do something...I don't know what to say.

v...good discussion thus far. amazing no name calling yet.

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The biggest problem at the end of the day is that we folk are competing with people that literally have been living in tents in their own filth. I mean thats the competition. You are competing against people coming from India and China for jobs that live in a society of true scarcity.

The problem is we can't compete because we've had it to good. I like take my long ass breaks, and chilling and hanging out and drinking. You know any Indians or Chinese that do the same? These people are 100% work, down in the books and dirty. They are coming from poverty, so you bet they are going to come at your hard.

So how is it fair when they open up the flood gates to immigration for this shit? These people are willing to work in high paying engineering firms for $10 an hour. They just don't care because the life here is better than the shit hole they came from (for now at least).

Well, thats globilization in the end. The corporations win.
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