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Originally Posted by ChrisTO View Post
^ where is the source of the 60% living pay cheque to pay cheque? that's NUTTY!

just like how 80% of working canadians make under 100k/year.

i wonder how they compile these numbers? if they are indeed true how the F do people afford the houses in Toronto on these kind of wages?!?!? that's a lot of crazy debt. yet people are buying places in Toronto that boggles my mind. and not to mention all the nice cars driving around the city.

Six in 10 live pay to pay

The recession may be officially over, but six in 10 Canadians are still surviving from paycheque to paycheque, a national survey showed Monday.

Fifty-nine per cent of Canadian workers say they would be in financial trouble if their paycheque was delayed by just a week – the same proportion as last year when the economy was still mired in a downturn, according to a poll of 2,766 people by the Canadian Payroll Association.
HST - anyone anyone?

now they have assholes on CTV saying:
Food tax: Adding GST to food will benefit the poor, economists say
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