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Originally Posted by DIRT_Racer View Post
All seems ok, except the spare tire, REALLY??? It is a SAFETY issue to have a spare tire??

I can understand WANTING to have one , where I live in the country, SURE!! I have trucks and trailers and would under EXTREME conditions get a tow truck. But in the City life of lights and no sleep and NO SPACE to change a flat on the road, do they not just get towed to a shop for repair?? as a former mechanic (went driving truck and let the license slide) I have NEVER looked at the spare tire.

I KNOW RIGHT!? I mean seriously what the hell! This "Grampa's Garage" crowd seems like a bunch of phonys! RAAAA!!!

REMEMBER: Be safe and have fun is Rule Number 1.

Originally Posted by 411 View Post
just letting this furom [*forum] know
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