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Thanks a lot for the kind words, guys! The funny thing is that probably 2 years ago I was seriously looking at an e39 M5. Probably it would have been easy to convince me for a swap..haha. The other thing that I like is the classic car insurance, which is practically nothing.
Indeed, I was at Port Dover in that weekend
With regards to mods, I agree with you. I even replaced the LED parking lights in the front with the original bulbs. Everything I replaced, I tried to keep it original. There is one mod that I will admit to have done; the previous owner had a silver cd player which I had to throw out. For the convenience of CDs, mp3 I opted for a Nakamichi CD-300 which I believe almost looks OEM. Simple, nothing fancy. The irony is that it's NEVER on

Hope to see you all soon, for a meet/cruise.

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