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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
Check the flanges where the cat back joins with the cat. I currently have a rattle and it's because one of the flanges split due to corrosion.
Okay thanks, I'll take a look and see. Don't really trust myself with muffler work so I might just take it in to an expert.

Originally Posted by InfiniteDice View Post
Not sure if it's a myth, but your fan has a viscous coupling that doesn't like to be laid down for prolonged periods... I hang my spare on a nail on the wall so it sits as it does in the car....

Of course it could be just a myth.
Thanks for the heads up, I went and put it on a nail just in case. I imagine 2 days wouldn't do too much damage...

Originally Posted by jon.e View Post
Does ur dad restore more than just trucks?
Restoring trucks is just a hobby for my dad, he runs a farm market so he only has time in the winter. He's got his work cut out for him too, think he has 5 trucks in stock, and he's still working on his 34' Ford he's had since he was 14. Guess that's the downside of being a perfectionist...

Went to the local bmw dealership to inquire about some parts... $280 for a distributor cap!?!? I asked her to double check and she told me she could do $200...
Anyways, back to the shop, hopefully I can get everything back together again by Thursday.

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