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no passanger side windshield washer spray - easy to fix $20 - 30 max

broken heater blower (no defrost) - no defrost? So what does this mean... No air blows at the window or no heat? Or no rear window defroster?

The heater core and everything works, but the blower does not come on.

drivers rear floor is too rusty (weak, but not through the car) - Buy a can of POR 15 and go to work, in some cases a few coats on each side will be enough to strengthen it. I extreme cases if it's really bad just cut out the spot and pop rivet (or weld) a piece of metal in there and POR 15 over it all on both sides... this is a saturday afternoon job that might cost $60 if you don't have any materials or tools to work with.

• small POR kit $35
• Pop rivet gun $15 (seen on at princess auto for $8, comes with rivets)
• some paint brushes and supplies from the dollar store $5
• some old bit of metal, or buy a sheet of bodywork metal at CDN tire for $8-12
• You need a drill with the correct size drill bit for the rivet.

If I'm going to do it, i'll do it properly. I have the old floor section from my 4door, which I can weld in. Just need a welder...HINT HINT OTTAWA

left control arm bushing has too much play - $20 - 30 and an hour. (can be a bitch, might need a propane torch)

The suspension has been apart recently, so it should be easy.

no spare tire - find one for $20

Wuzie? Where are you, I need that steelie back for a sec.
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