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Recommended oil for E36 track car?

Hi guys, I am new to the BMW world and was wondering what some of you have been using for oil in your track cars. Currently my car has 260K and it will be competing in its first event this weekend(Sigma TA). I want to change the oil before the event but I am not sure what brand and type I should go with. According to the PO, it has never seen synthetic so I am a little weary of changing from non-synthetic because of the mileage - don't want leaks at the track

Please recommend oils based on the following info:

1996 328i
260K kms
Only engine mods are M50 manifold/tune catback and CAI
No oil cooler or baffles(Yet!)
Currently using non-synthetic
Lapping/time-attack(might see the street once a week)

I understand how these oil threads can get, so please explain why you recommend a particular oil and what application it is for. I don't want to hear brand X is better than brand Y and start a pissing match I think I will be able to decipher the information and choose what will suit MY application best - I just need a safe starting point.

Thanks in advance guys!
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