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Beware of pricing from Extremeparts on Steeles

Sorry OP, I do not intend to hijack your thread, but this story needs to be told.

UPDATE: I was in a tough spot, so against my better judgement I had to get the DEPO Headlights from Extremeparts on Steele, as no one else had them in GTA. Today I had my friend(s) call and one got a half decent price, the dude who tried to bait and switch me was he ever surprised when I showed up to pick up the lights with my friend for $50 less than he tried to gouge me for.... can you say ackward . I didn't say a word as I wanted the part. Can you believe that within two days, this place quoted 4 different prices within a range of $90 for the same part.... unbelivable, I won't be doing business with them again.
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