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Originally Posted by Smitty View Post
This is especially prevalent among drivers of Japanese cars with bright electroluminescent gauges. Seems like everyone with their lights off at night (or in storms) is driving a Honda.
ya people dont realize that the gauge cluster is brighter during the day than night. (it actually dims when you put your lights on)

and the high beam switch for most of them is now a forward movement(rather than a bigger pull back from before) so people accidentally turn them on. They are oblivious to what the blue light on the dash means.

Or to anyone trying to get them to turn it off.

Ive also high beamed many people with no lights on. They always get scared and slow down or try to get away like im trying to do something to them lol.

One lady actually clued in this weekend. Gave me a wave and a thank you. It was a refreshing change.
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