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Here was my task list as of last Thursday - Sorry for the long post, but it's a good read if you're interested!):

- Paint rear bumper and front clip
- Wire gauge sending units
- Wire Wideband O2
- Plumb cooling system
- Install gauge panel
- Install seats & belts
- fabricate & install Lexan windows
- Pick up wheels & tires
- install windshield
- Install hood
-Install trunk lid
-Install fenders & flares
-Install front clip & kidney grills
-Install front and rear bumpers
-Install side skirts
-Rivet roof
-install brake controller on truck
-plug hole in trunk
-corner balance
-replace starter
-oil change
-tranny fluid flush
-change front brakes
-bleed brakes
-install new rear-view mirror

Thursday night, Jeff and Barrie (from midnight tuning) came over and we worked on the car. I had the fenders on the car, and Jeff did a great job drilling and riveting the skirts and the flares. Barrie and I wired up the sending units for the gauges, the oil pressure dummy light and the o2 sensor, and it seemed as though everything was on track. We also picked up the fittings we needed for the cooling system and I got that all plumbed up. Well unfortunately my hoses were different sizes, and they didn’t fit. I did some macguyver-ing and got everything hooked up and the cooling system filled.

11pm – Jeff and Barrie leave, I keep on truckin’

1am - My goal was to have the car running that night. I was finally ready to go. Hit the start button.... click. Shit – battery must be dead. Hook up the charger, set it to boost mode, hit the starter again, click. WTF?!? Check all the wiring, find out I connected my fuel pump power wrong. Oops! Try the starter again, click, then all of a sudden, it starts turning, but not engaging the flywheel. Then, all of a sudden it does, and the car fires up! Wooo it runs
Shut it off, try it again, starter doesn’t work again.... Sometimes it just clicks, other times it turns, but doesn’t spin the engine. Seems as though the solenoid was seized. Well that sucks, I guess I need a new starter. Give Arek a call, he’s got an extra – will pick it up tomorrow (Friday) when I go get the tires & the car corner balanced/aligned.

3:00am – install the fenders

3:30am – install front clip

4:00am - start working on the hood. I removed all the brackets, so I was going to be using hood pins on all corners. Figured I might as well lighten it up, so I cut out the middle bracing. Turns out it’s the outer frame that weighs the most – only ended up cutting a couple lbs.

4:30am – do some touch-ups on the paint, knowing the glass guy was coming first thing in the morning.

4:45 am – go to sleep

7:45am – wake up, pull the car out of the garage, and get it ready for the glass guy. Start working on the trunk, take about 15lbs out of that, install the pins, and get it on the car. Sweet – it looks like a “real” car again!

9:30am – glass guy supposed to show up, not here yet.

10:30am – glass guy still not here... WTF!!!

11am – get ready to go run some errands (need to go to Ottawa fasteners, metal supermarkets, back to the apartment cuz I forget the plate for trailer and my sleeping bag). Oh and glass guy finally shows up.

1pm – get back from running errands, Jamie shows up, we get the seats and belts installed on the car, I get the trailer set up, and the brake controller installed on the truck. Bumper gets installed.

3:00pm – we get the car rolled out and in the trailer – on our way to Arek’s!

3:30pm – at Arek’s, get the car on the scales, weighs in at 2415lbs, with ¾ of a tank of gas. OMG YES! Finally some good news – a solid 135 lbs LESS than last year (last year I was 2503 with a ¼ tank of gas – 30L of gas is around 50lbs). Plus, the hood still weighs 30lbs, so as soon as the CF one is ready, that will be at least another 15lbs less. Start doing the corner balance/alignment, having trouble (never done it by myself before – Arek had gone to CMP with the mortgage dude). Finally get that done, get the alignment done after that, pull out the tires.

6:30pm – start working on removing the starter – have to pull have the engine bay apart (CAI, throttle body, intake manifold, fuel rail)... ugh PITA. Get under the car, start undoing the bolts. FML – stripped the head off one of them.

7:45pm – starter is still not out, Shawn is feeling like a bag of poop, Arek calls and wants to know if I want a burger, he’s on his way back? Hells yes! He shows up with a root beer float as well – I almost hugged him. With the two of us, we finally get the starter out. Put the new one in, hook it all up, OMG it runs! Then Arek says, Hey I’m not going to use these old Conti’s (already mounted). Tires are sh!t, but if you want, take the rims and tires, and bring me the rims back. AWESOME.

9:30pm – load up the car, drive back to Carp, unload the car.

10:30pm – take a break. I’m beat. I have a 20min shower. Wow so amazing – never felt so good. Chris comes back from the theory session at CMP at 11:30pm, we get back to work.

12am – start working on trunk plug. Cut two pieces of aluminum, use a bunch of sheetmetal screws, BAM – done.

1am - install wipers. Set them to low. Have a wrench on the tray below the windshield. wiper hits wrench, wrench dents windshield. SERIOUSLY?!?!? CAN I CATCH A BREAK!

1:30am – start riveting the roof. Make sure it doesn’t fly off on track

2:30am – Chris is done, put his car on the trailer, we move my car onto the lift so we can get underneath. I do a quick nut and bolt check

3:30am – fasten on the bottom of the fenders, solidify it all up, looking good! Wait what’s that water dripping? Awesome, my coolant hose fittings are leaking.

4:30am – Brakes are bled, finally got some pressure in them... hey is that the sun starting to rise?

5:30am – dad has this wicked hose clamp tool that uses wire. Works awesome for 1 fitting, the other one needs a better adapter. He’s
going to go shopping Saturday morning, and Jamie will bring it up to me Saturday evening. Chris and I pack up a bunch of tools (and by pack we mean run around the garage grabbing everything we see and throwing it into a bin).

6am – we’re on the road for CMP, with my car that still doesn’t run.
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