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Finally managed to get into the engine and change some parts.
Replaced timing belt, alternator (rebuilt and new belt), power steering belt, water pump, thermostat, distributor cap and rotor, spark plugs, camshaft seals, wheels and some other small things.
Waiting on a few more "while your in there" parts before I start putting everything back together.

The coolant plug on the engine is pretty much in the worst spot possible...

Trying to stay organized...

Current state. Tempted to take out the A/C while I wait as it no longer works.

Radiator... should I take it in to get fixed or buy a new one? If so where (right-side overflow, automatic)

Have to say everything went a lot smoother than I had envisioned. This is my first time ever working on a car really, loving it and learning a lot!

Anything else I should worry about while I'm at it?
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