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Question Seized wiper pivot assembly

I need your help guys.
I've read a lot of posts saying home much of a PITA this is and then a lot of back and forth arguments on bimmerfest from like 6 years ago.

Here's my issue: My wipers are seized.

Here's what I've done: Removed the wiper motor on its own to bench test it.

Here's what I would like to do: Remove the whole pivot assembly (4 bar linkage). Just so we're clear, I'm talking about the piece in the picture below.


One of the pivots in the assembly seems to be seized. Of course, it's the one on the passenger side that you can't really see unless you take off the PS vent, shove a flashlight through the firewall opening and squint from the PS side. (Refer to the small linkages on the left side of picture behind main pivot.)

Ideally I believe I need to get the whole assembly out, oil it, and get it back in. From what I gather looking at the situation, I need to take out the heater core. I've read that I can get away with just taking off the shrouds.

If you guys can help, that would be AMAZING. If someone in Ottawa has done it before and is free this weekend to show me something that I am CLEARLY missing, beer is on me.

My back-up plan is to get my mechanic to do it while he's safetying the rest of the car.

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