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1991 318iS M20 Swap

Haven't done anything with this car in the past 3 years, I think it's time to move on. Pictures will come soon, but here is the basic run down:


-M20B25 with 200k on it (head rebuilt at 140k, all new valves, guides, springs, rockers, etc, due to snapped timing belt)
-Lightened flywheel and fresh clutch (flywheel lightened by Randy - EMPOWERD)
-4.10 LSD
-Sparco strut brace
-black sport interior


-cracked dash (will include uncracked dash if I get asking price)
-minor rust - depends on your definintion but it's not horrible, would make a good project car. No perforation, just bubbles here and there. Definitely not showroom finish but it's a good 10 ft car.
-sunroof is screwed, the tracks jammed and broke, currently taped to keep moisture out
-has a some weird electrical gremlins, probably tied to wiring the M20 into it. Should be an easy fix (I've been told it's simply the overloader relay)
-motor runs great 90% of the time, but once in a while falls on it's face. I suspect it's the fuel pump, and purchased a replacement but parked the car before I could fix it

Would make a great track car base, and that's the only reason I've hung onto it for so long, was intending it to be a project with my brother but I don't think he's interested enough and I don't have the time anymore.

More info will be posted as I remember it. Also have a bunch of parts (Koni SA's, IE Camber plates, all new OEM rear bushings, parking brake cables, SS lines) that I can sweaten the deal with, but at this point I might just part it because I doubt I'll get anything near what I want. But if you shoot a reasonable offer and can haul it away soon, I'm all ears.

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