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Originally Posted by SiR View Post
There is risk with lots of things in life...even the schools.

You come across clowns all the time even out on the street(even more so). I see no problem with track days, even if "poorly run". Some of them are just alternating sessions. Go out there, do your thing and have fun. Dont try to be a hero and youll be fine. Ive done track days for yrs and both the trackdays and schools have their place. If you want to limit yourself to schools only thats perfectly acceptable but dont hate on the open track days because thats the route you chose to go. Theres nothing wrong with them.

Though I think your first problem was going to a "jrp" track day. lol Plenty of other places who organize a lapping day and everything is fine. Once you get into some of the bigger names (with less experience) organizing stuff it attracts too many clowns(cscs for example) so if you choose to go to that you have to be even more careful.

I just dont see trackdays as a bad thing. the more the better, even if "poorly run.

Ive been to many open trackdays over the yrs and never had a single problem. Ive also attended some to watch and generally it was the super hyped up ones (jrp, cscs) that had the most issues. But even then the "issues" typically involved someone only hurting their car. No one elses.

The schools and open days have their place. Both are great and Im glad these options are available.

Crashes are a risk of racing on the track regardless of where it is or who is organizing the event.
I don't think you read me right.
The risk is having a jackass running the event and noone understanding safety. Obviously you're taking a risk of ruining your car......That's not the point. The point is you can significantly reduce the risk by attending a well run event.
Don't forget the amount of time you lose waiting for clean-up of the fluid/debris or removal of the car.
And I agree with more track days the better. That keeps the yahoos away.

Originally Posted by JINT View Post
Some people have serious track experience from the cruise, so what is fast to you, isn't fast to them.
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