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Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
Don't forget with Trillium BMW you are paying a "tuition" and get a tax receipt and most people get $150 of the $500 back so it's really more like $350 for the weekend.

So $100-$150 for one day on the DDT or $350 after tax credit for 2 days with instruction on GP track.

Sounds affordable !!!!
The breakdown does sound pretty good. Next summer I think I will join up.

As far as the tires go - I checked tirerack before and would be paying $150 in shipping/don't know if that includes duties or not and would have to pay to get it installed on top of that, which makes it 350$ +

I got a tire shipped/mounted/balanced/installed/taxes in for $280 so I'm decently happy with the outcome of a shitty situation... just have to wait for it to arrive.

Put my rear winters on and now the rear end is pretty loose especially in the rain.
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