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Originally Posted by BMWdouche View Post
While I would love to attend a proper track day at the GP track, I wish I could afford it appropriately. - I just cant afford a 500$ track weekend + hotels.
It really isn't that expensive if you compare it to other events at the GP track, you are getting two days of track time and instruction. Most organizers charge ~$450 per DAY on the GP Track. With the club you do get alot of value plus the added safety, instruction and organization that most lapping days don't have.

No hotels are required, you have plenty of time to drive home and then back in the morning. Also it is a full 9-5pm day, not just an afternoon.

I'm sure yours turned out to be a $500 weekend anyways...

Anyways, I think we've done enough preaching, hopefully others learn from this and one day understand what we are trying to say.
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