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That explains the parade of M3's and 911's we saw driving by as we waited for a tow-truck.

The story: A much slower E90 wouldn't let me through, so last few laps of the day I decided to try to get in on the inside to get him to back-off and let me through.. went into the corner too quick, under-steered and ran a curb very hard and tore the sidewall of one of my rear V12s.

The aftermath: Called BMW RA, waited 2 hours for a truck. Drove 10 mins and was instructed that I had already used 50km out of the 84 km I was promised that would get me home, because the driver is counting the km TO the site. Pissed, I call BMW and fight with them for 20 mins and they finally decide to pay the hundreds extra to get my car home.

Today: Tried to source a single Ventus V12 in 255/35/18 without any luck, apparently its back-ordered everywhere and the prices ranged from 400-600$ for one of these tyres at an Active Green + Ross or equivalent (I had to get to work and they were the only ones open that early at 7am). Said **** it and waited for Tire23 to open and got one on special order for just under $300. Was getting paranoid, very paranoid at the time - so glad they came through, should be here in 7-10 business days.

IN THE MEANTIME (I need advice): I'm thinking of putting on my Winter Rears for the time-being. I know it isn't ideal but is it OK?

My fronts would be 225/40/18 and my rears would be 225/45/17 (winters) - they are barely winters anyway, HS439's. I'm not concerned about appearance, more about safety. If anyone can chime in on this, let me know

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