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^ yup meanwhile 60% of canada is living cheque to cheque and will never be able to retire

Montreal Protesters Push Back Riot Cops, Provocateurs Act Up

from below video

The protest last night was massive but had a vibe of peace and solidarity to it. Just before I left, a couple of people smashed a window with rocks, but I suspect they were provocateurs based on a witness' description of the culprits' garb and M.O. Moreover, Eric Bouthillette, who was on the front lines the whole night, reported that there were people dressed in provocateur-style gear at the head of the protest trying all night to start confrontations and being stopped by the rest of the protesters. At about 2:00 am the next morning, about 30 arrests were made. According to Eric, the protest ended with a conflict between the vandals/ provocateurs and the rest of the protesters. Some people were breaking windows and the mass of protesters were trying to stop them, which resulted in a conflict among the marchers themselves and not between the marchers and the police.

Essentially, provocateurs or hooligans were trying to start trouble and the legitimate protesters tried to stop them, and people were arrested as a result of this scuffle. Is this a divide-and-conquer tactic being implemented? Isn't this easier than trying to contain thousands of people or bring on martial law?
The protests continue and so far they have been taking place largely at night. The police seem to be concerned above all with protecting commercial establishments and preventing the protest from interfering with commerce. They would hate for the protesters to start marching during the day, but if this continues, that is likely the next thing they will do.

The government will then have to decide whether they should give in to the protesters' demands or bring out the army, because the crowds are so large (and determined) that they cannot be controlled by the police or the SQ.
The third option, as I mentioned before, would be to subvert the marches with provocateurs.

I'd like to point out something people often overlook, which is that the main reason tuition is still so low in Quebec is not that we just have a nice government, but that THIS is what happens when they try to hike it up. Will it work again this time or will our NWO corporate police-state government take things to a whole new level in order to push through more pocket-picking? Time will tell.
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