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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
Well our system is completely ****ed anyway. Like, we are so ****ed it's not even funny.

There are hardly any jobs, or any good paying jobs any more. They've opened the gates on immigration like crazy. You need to have 3 degrees and a masters to make $50,000 a year.

Housing prices have balooned to retarded levels. Cost of living is way way way up, but wages are down.

And still more more immigration for labour is being allowed.
True. I agree on all points. But nothing will ever change if people just continue to go about their daily lives like were all just along for the ride.

Immigration is a major issue in this country. But more so, it always amazes me just how ignorant the majority of the population is, particularly in the GTA, when it comes to pivotal political issues. It always seems like a few people develop semi-coherent views, and then those opinions circulate while the rest just jump on a bandwagon like mindless sheep without thinking about the issues for themselves.

Half the people who vote couldn’t even tell you what the major points in their party’s platform are. Then the other half doesn’t vote at all.
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