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Originally Posted by Discostar View Post
Wow. I guess some people just don’t understand the way the system works.

Perhaps a few of you are basing your opinions on the way things happen here in Ontario, where people bitch and complain, but then sit on their asses when it comes time to take any action.

Quebec enjoys some of the lowest tuition rates in Canada for a reason, and it’s not because the government just happens to be overly generous in that province, or because someone just hasn’t gotten around to raising the rates. It’s because they are actually politically active.

I don’t exactly agree with the rioting, but aside from that, Ontario should be taking notes. Maybe here in Ontario there are a bunch a bandwagoners. The Ontario government tells its students "we will give you one single day out of the year to protest" and like a bunch of fools we march when they tell us it’s ok to march. That’s worked out well for us hasn't it? To top it off, half the students just use it as an excuse to skip class, and don’t even attend because they arent paying anyway.

It takes balls to do what they are doing in Quebec, especially when you’re in your final year and you could just say **** it, because I’m not going to be paying tuition next year anyway, so why should I care. Nothing gets done otherwise.
Well our system is completely ****ed anyway. Like, we are so ****ed it's not even funny.

There are hardly any jobs, or any good paying jobs any more. They've opened the gates on immigration like crazy. You need to have 3 degrees and a masters to make $50,000 a year.

Housing prices have balooned to retarded levels. Cost of living is way way way up, but wages are down.

And still more more immigration for labour is being allowed.
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