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How about the protests in Toronto - over pretty much the same thing?

'austerity' cuts in services paid for, privitization of public assets, all while increasing taxes..due to corruption, theft, missmanagement & etc

Apr 21, 2012- More than 15,000 protesters from labour unions and community organizations across the province rallied outside Ontario's Legislature
Saturday afternoon to vent their fury over the minority Liberal government's austerity-focused budget

montreal - with full details on how its Not just Students Protesting over just tuition

EI deductions went up in 08 they had $58Billion, but dipped into it & spent it all during the 'global economic collapse' bs
article I read said the increased fee's will be pulling $20billion per/yr out of the labor force to replenish the fund! whats canada's work force out of 33million people? they say healthcare is unsustainable. they recently had some economists on tv saying how 'adding GST to food would help the poor' said it would pull $35Billion in revenue! the eco fee tax? no vote just added. the hst tax? <- those are Corporate Welfare to Profitable corps in the BILLIONS - dwarfing all social assistance progs costs by a factor of 10! so its funny how quick people will yell welfare bum but not flip about Corporate Welfare. Like auto insurance rates in Ont - record profits still went to the ont-gov 3x's in like 2 years Lobbying for Rate Increases, gov said sure all 3x's!?

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