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Originally Posted by qwerte View Post
I have no affiliation or experience, but Fanshawe Motors seems to be a indy shop with somewhat of a BMW specialization.

What year is the car? If it is relatively new I'd consider taking it to the dealer.
Originally Posted by BimmerBoys View Post
NO!!!!! Stay the hell away from fanshawe motors! The guy is a crook!
He has no mechanics license, is always high, and gouges!
I've also met a poor fellow with mild downs syndrome that they ripped off by replacing his entire suspension without his consent.!

Well, ok then. lol I'll steer clear.

qwerte, The car is an 02 M3. I usually do my own wrenching also. But I'm not 100% familiar with the e46 M3 and without a lift its always harder to check the car over the right way. Perhaps thats the best option though.
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