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Clutch or tranny issues?

Alright so i fixed all my previous issues if you've seen my post. Replaced a worn out bushing off my shifter plate and now everythings back together and working. Before i took it apart i couldn't get it in reverse, first, and it grinded going in second. So i took the guibo cover off and that fixed the grinding and reverse issues.

On a cold start the car seems to shift decent. You still have to pull it pretty hard into second but it does go. Then as i drive it for a while it gets harder to get into reverse, first and second.

Also if i accelerate high in second and sometimes first then engage the clutch it doesn't seem to go. Just kinda holds its rpms till i pull it into neutral. This car is becoming less fun to drive as i get further into it.

Any help would be awesome.

BTW it has a B and M "rep" ss kit.
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