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Thoughts on BBK's

Hi guys, my brakes are due for replacement and I need pads and rotors so I am thinking about upgrading to a better braking system. My car is an E46 330ci zhp. I have heard of guys using the M3 competition package (at least on the front) which I am told requires switching to M3 control arms as well so they can be mounted. Another option is just an aftermarket big brake kit. I know there are a lot of kits out there so what is good bang for my buck and roughly how much should I be prepared to spend on parts? I would really rather go with the M3 conversion or brembo BBK

I figure most of my stopping power comes from the front so I will probably only be upgrading the fronts and just stick with oe in the back unless you guys tell me my brakes will be too unbalanced and upgrading the rears is critical.

I should mention my wheels are the original dimensions as equipped on my car 18x8 and 18x8.5

Thanks for any input.
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